Bohemian Wear: Handmade & Recycled, Authentic & Conscious

We are a company that started from a loving relationship, and our shared excitement over vintage clothing and creating an artistic community through it. Through our recycled vintage clothing and materials, we hope to create an awakening for our customers personal style, and a sense of pride in their knowing that they are wearing a garment with history that is socially responsible and environmentally friendly. When we work with vintage clothing we are reminded that we all have a sentence to write in the dialogue of life. People who have worn and loved these pieces before were saying something about themselves, or a designer was saying something about that particular time through their art. To breathe new life into these ideas, maybe even relate to them, it brings together the human experience.

We begin our handmade designs by recognizing modern aesthetical elements in an older design and wanting to bring that to the forefront so that someone today can find use in it again, and love it again. We work with fabric, notions and paint, and we feel they’re similar in usage. They are mediums that flow, that take effort to stay put, but create dramatic effects immediately, and immediately change the artistic container that they are occupying. When a piece has turned out well for us, we’re proud of the quality of the construction of the garment. We also feel that it is a piece that is unique, beautiful and appealing to our customers.

We are currently creating bohemian festival and party fashion capsule collections. Seeing as this style is so inspired by our favorite fashion period, combined with our love of music and artistic community, this was a natural progression for our brand. Continuing our use of recycled vintage clothing and using found vintage materials such as fabrics and patterns, we are bringing a sustainable and conscious voice to the world of bohemian wear.

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